S.G. Roll Forming has the capacity of manufacturing a wide range of Cold Roll-formed products (both standard and customized). ‘Z’ Purlin is one of our key products. Z purlins are mainly in demand for structural applications.

  1. Industrial Buildings, Sheds, Warehouses
  2. Where strong reliable steel framing is required
  1. Savings in steel consumption upto 50% and savings in cost upto 30%.
  2. Savings of transportation & handling, erection and fabrication costs.
  3. No wastages, No surplus left-overs, since sections are supplied in exact required lengths.
  1. High strength, section versatility & wide range of choice.
  2. Having their shear centre within the section, less liable to twist.
  3. Permit increased truss-spacings & larger bay centres thus reducing foundation costs and overall weight of the structure.
  4. Sleeve system to exploit continuity concept for larger spans.
  5. Empirical design rules apply, hence no design problems.
  6. Excellent surface finish.
  7. Less weight per unit length compared to conventional section without sacrificing the required structural efficiency.
  8. Conforming to the requirements of IS-801, IS-811.
Practical Advatages
  1. Ability to rotate 180 degrees and fit together.
  2. A full range of fixing accessories are supplied. Therefore no extra material needs be procured.
  3. Sections supplied are pre-painted hence prevents corrosion and promotes long life.
  4. Sections are pre-engineered, pre-punched and with complete accessories. No further fabrication required. Considerable savings in erection costs and time.
  1. With over 25 years of experience in the Iron and steel Industry, we are best know for delivering our products on time, superior quality and at competitive rates. We have the capacity of taking large orders.
  2. We have a well trained technical staff to provide a complete system of Package services and guidance which includes the following:
  3. Technical data/assistance to aid selection of Truss Column spacing, purlin sections, structural sections and accessories. Complete set of design & drawings.
  4. Erection & commissioning guidance.
  5. On-site assistance whenever required.
  6. After-sales services

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